I Can't Live Without My Radio

As I grow through different stages of my life one thing that remains constant is I can always find a song that matches any situation and gives me the motivation I need.

Kuva: Tuomo Tulokas

Music is something that always came naturally to me because I have so many musicians in my family. I played drums in church & I took piano lessons for a spell in 3rd grade. I was a band geek in highschool playing trombone in concert band and snare in marching band.

One thing that that holds true is "I Can't Live Without My Radio"- LL Cool J

There isn’t a day I go without listening to music anything that resonates with my spirit & has a message can grab my attention Beyoncé to Linkin Park. I think music has helped shape me into the person I am now because it has the power to alter my mood and uplift me. Anytime I may not be feeling like my usual bubbly self I listen to music or I scroll through my mental jukebox and think of a song that makes me dance.

Often times during games if I make a mistake or have a bad play I think of a song that gets me focused & ready for and ready to perform. Being overseas really gives me a chance to hear different artist I wouldn’t hear in the States I’ve heard some German rap that I thought was decent I’m still waiting for a Finnish rapper or artist that peaks my interest.