The Carter Clan

How much do you know about the CARTER CLAN?

If I told you I came from a family of eight, would you believe me?

I come from a very big immediate family with 5 brothers and sisters. I have two amazing parents, John and Michele! They fell in love over 25 years ago and once the talk about kids came up, my mom knew she wanted 6. The best saying when it comes to marriage is “happy wife, happy life” so my dad could do nothing but agree.

My parents have worked very hard throughout the years to provide for each one of us and give us the best possible life we could have. I am very blessed to have been raised by such loving, caring, and hard working parents. Can you imagine having 6 kids running around, yelling, screaming, fighting, and crying and not driving yourself crazy?

Now let’s get into some interesting facts about the Carter’s. You now know there are 6 of us, but what you don’t know is that each of our names begins with the two letters “BR”




BRITTANY (that’s me!)




(Try to say that 5 times fast!)


My mom planned it out perfectly so that each of us could start taking care of the new babies! Brandon, Bret and I are all a year and a half apart so by the time I was born, both Brandon and Bret were doing all the work. Changing my diapers, rocking me to sleep, and just keeping me happy.

My mom planned it out perfectly so that each of us could start taking care of the new babies!

Four years goes by and my mom says she is pregnant again with another girl. Brooke was born with 3 older siblings to watch over her, so my parents focused on working. A year and a half later, Bridget came along…the most spoiled child in the family! But not long after (another year and a half) Bryan was born and yet another favorite in the family.


One afternoon, about 5 years ago, my older brothers decided to come up with nicknames for everyone based on how they are treated by my parents. NOW REMEMBER THIS IS A JOKE so my two older brothers were trying to be funny with their names.


Brandon—> “Uncared For” (Because he was always the one that had to do the most choirs around the house

Bret—> “Unwanted” (Because he was always the one getting yelled at for EVERYTHING)

Brittany—> “Favorite #1” (Because I was the golden child, I could do no wrong in my dad’s eyes)

Brooke—> “Just Brooke” (Because she was just around, wasn’t spoiled, got yelled at a lot, but wasn’t paid too much attention to)

Bridget—> “Favorite Junior” or “Dad’s Favorite” (Because this girl got and still gets everything she wants from my dad, all she has to do is start fake crying)

Bryan—> “Mom’s Favorite” (Because he never gets told no)


The last important piece of information you should know about my family is that my oldest brother Brandon is married to a beautiful sweet woman named Claire and they just had the very first child in the family. His name is Freddy and you can see a photo below of both my entire family and my adorable baby nephew Freddy!

Starting from the left: (Bryan, Brittany, John, Michele, Claire (Brandon’s wife), Brandon, Bridget, Bret, and Brooke)

Well I think that’s enough about the Carter’s! Make sure to come out and support us at our home games. We love having a crowd there to cheer us on!!!!

Brittany #6