The One with All over the World

Hello there!

I’ve decided to make it, and make it for you. In the future you can discover my blog also in English. As I’ve got some feedback from my dearest friends (who are not able to read in Finnish - shame on you!), and who have been asking and been curious if I could start to write in English as well.

I will just make it a bit easier for you

Starting from my next post, I am going to write my posts in Finnish, and in the below I will write it in English. I can't say that my english is perfect, especially by writing, but I try my best. The idea of this is that you will just understand, please don't pay (too much) attention for grammatic mistakes.

First of all, small introduction what my blog is all about; emotions, feelings, happiness, everyday life within’ its’ challenges, and its’ joy of living. It’s like a diary. It's like opening the door to my life. I tell how is it to be Finnish who is living abroad, in Germany. By time after time there are some challenges in our daily life. I give you some kind of picture, what, and how I manage to get through these challenges.

The idea of naming the titles is from Friends TV-show. I am huge fan of Friends, and especially of Chandler. 

I come from small city, Mikkeli, within 50k habitants. I decided to move to Germany, break my limits, to try something new. So far so good, but we can’t never know where the future is going to lead us or how it is going to treat us. In my blog I've been writing about my daily life, amazing weekends and trips. Giving tips of places to visit in Frankfurt, and sharing pictures. Also there have been ups and downs - like latest; the broke up with my boyfriend, which wasn't easy.

As you see, I can handle my life pretty well!

So my dear fellows, as it’s written on my profile; “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!”