The One with The Power of Music

Ajattelin jakaa teidän kesken musiikkilistani, joten olen kuunnellut nyt jo tovin, ja joka auttaa niin suruun, iloon ja tuskan poissulkemiseen. Jo aikaisemminkin olen todennut, että jokainen meistä käy parisuhteen päättymistä läpi eri tavalla. Jollakin auttaa musiikki, jollakin pitkät juoksulenkit. Itse luotan ja vahvasti uskon musiikin voimaan. On olemassa erilaisia "erosoittolistoja", joissa yleensä lyriikat perustuu kaiken maailman diipadaapaan. Olen luonut itselleni mahdollisimman realistisen listan, ja joka tuo luottamusta - itseeni, sekä tulevaan, ja vie pahan olon mukanaan. Kappaletta klikkaamalla avautuu kappale Spotifyssa. Olkaat hyvät ja nauttikaa.

I thought of sharing with you guys my playlist, which I've been listening for a while now, and which helps for sorrow, joy and to exclude the pain. I've been earlier told, that every one of us is going through the end of the relationship in a different way. Someone finds music helpful, other one likes long runs. There is different "break-up playlist", where lyrics usually are kind of cliche. I've been creating realistic playlist for myself, which brings me confidence - for myself and for the future, and takes the bad mood away. When you press the title it will open you the link to the song in Spotify. You're welcome, enjoy.


Banks - Gemini Feed "If you would have let me grow You could have kept my love"

Birdy ft. RHODES - Let It All Go "But if we're strong enough to let it in We're strong enough to let it go"

Sia - Alive "And you're taught to cry in your pillow But I survived"

Florence + The Machine - What Kind of Man "You were on the other side Like always, you could never make your mind"

LION BABE - She's A Lady "But she always knows her place She's got style, she's got grace, she's a winner"

FKJ - Better Give U Up "Never never in the right place For us to stand by eachother"

Yuksek ft. Her - Sweet Addiction "Have faith in your healing right Showing you all out of sight"

Jenni Vartiainen - Vanki "irti päästän nyt vaikka koitat estää minä aion henkiin jäädä sittenkin"

Banks - Weaker Girl "Tell me where you wanted to go I bet you wanted me to follow"

Banks - To The Hilt "Maybe things weren't easy as they seem"

Birdy - Words (EDX Remix) "I have no words, I have no words to say"

Klingande ft. M-22 - Somewhere New "No lookin' back, the time is gone, we turned the page, the past is in the past"

Vladkulak - See the World "Live your life like you've never lived before See the World like you've never seen before"

Bishop Briggs - Be Your Love "Ain't no mountain tall, tall enough, baby, We rise, we fall"

April Ivy - Be OK "I'm sure, you will be alright Cause you're the only one who's brave"

Sam Feldt ft. Joe Cleere - Forgiveness "Even though we can’t go backwards I will always be there for you"


“It was the moment I realized what music can do to people, how it can make you hurt and feel so good all at once.”
Nina LaCour


Kas näin.. Ihanaa tulevaa perjantaita ja viikonloppuja! Halauksia ja pusuja.

Like this.. Have a lovely upcoming friday and weekend! Hugs and kisses.